Preparing HYGEN face mask for your daily use…

From the house of Hygenkey™, we are proud to introduce the HYGEN face mask, featuring three layers of copper infused, premium cotton fabric, and breathable ePTFE filter  for a better hygienic solution. On top of this, we designed it for a more comfortable and customized fit for long-term wear on the job, at the events, or during travel.

Please follow the steps for directions of use below:

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask. Hold the mask by the head loops. 

Step 2: Place the head loops around each ear while covering your nose, mouth, and chin with the mask properly. 

Step 3: Use both the toggle stoppers, adjustable nose bridge clip to ensure perfect fit. 

Please review washing instructions below:

Please wash mask before use. Do not use any washing liquid or detergents, and never use a bleach, to preserve the copper infusion coating on the fabric. Pour distilled water or boiled water in a bowl and soak the used face mask undisturbed for 15 minutes. Continue to soak the mask for another five minutes while gently rubbing. Squeeze out any excess water and lay the mask flat to dry naturally.                                *NOTE: DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR HEAT DRY.


Outer layer: 50% premium cotton fabric (Hygenmask 2.0) & 50% lyocell bamboo fabric (Hygenmask 1.0); Inner layer: 30% polyester nano coated copper fabric; Middle layer: 15% ePTFE filter; Elastic: 5% spandex; Nose clips: premium plastic strip + metal wire. 

CAUTION: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products are not medical devices regulated by the FDA. Our products are not intended for use in the prevention or mitigation of the transmission of any disease. Check out our Disclaimer page in the footer of our website for more information.

Preparing Hygenkey™ for your daily use…

Your 99.9% solid copper Hygenkey™ comes with a FREE retractable carabiner to make it handier for your daily use. Use the Hygenkey™ to avoid touching public surfaces that could be contaminated.

Hygenkey Premium, Designed-Made

Please follow the steps below

Step 1: Open the box and carefully cut the cable ties that are holding the Hygenkey and carabiner in the package to avoid damaging the product.

Step 2: Open the key ring on the carabiner and thread it through the small center hole on the Hygenkey tool, between the finger holes (see diagram). Attach your work ID or other important badge to the ID badge reel on the carabiner.

Step 3: Attach the badge reel to your belt loop, business bag, handbag or purse strap for easy access all day long!

The following are recommended uses for the Hygenkey™:

The Hygenkey™ is not recommended for the following uses:


Hygenkey™ is specifically designed for use on touchscreens in public places. If the surface is worn or heavily scratched, or a material interferes with the sensitivity of a screen, Hygenkey may not work on that touchscreen. If you encounter difficulties, try using the back portion of the Hygenkey (the part with the finger grip), because the larger surface area might work better on that screen. For questions or comments, review FAQs or contact us at 

Copper will darken and tarnish tarnished over time. Use a copper scouring cream or powder to clean and restore the Hygenkey to its original shine.

Continue to wash your hands regularly even while using the Hygenkey! Also, do not touch the tip of the touch tools after using a touchscreen, keypad, or touch pad. Similarly, do not touch door handle grip right after pushing or pulling doors. Make sure to wash your hands after each use and sanitize the touch tool and hands frequently.  

Please use Hygenkey™ responsibly as part of your hygienic lifestyle!