Hygenmask was tested at the West Virginia University School of Medicine’s Center for Inhalation Toxicology (iTOX) and found that “our masks blocked up to 93% of droplets being respired” and “fit testing scores of 6 to 15 times better than other average cloth masks, gaiters, and disposable masks that typically gets a fit factor of 1 or 2.” Check out WVU news article for more insights regarding our mask testing.

Hygenmask Face Mask

HYGEN Face Mask 2.0, featuring four layers of copper infused polyester nano coated fabric, premium cotton fabric, and a breathable ePTFE filter for a better hygienic solution. On top of this, we designed it for a more comfortable and customized fit for long-term wear on the job, at the events, or during travel. We have designed our products with the best materials and fabrics in keeping with our high standards as part of our hygienic solution. 

Hygenkey Touch Tool

Hygenkey™ is specifically designed for use on touchscreens in public places. If the surface is worn or heavily scratched, or a material interferes with the sensitivity of a screen, Hygenkey may not work on that touchscreen. If you encounter difficulties, try using the back portion of the Hygenkey (the part with the finger grip), because the larger surface area might work better on that screen.